web production

mostly liquid productions 2007 website - the official home of Mostly Liquid Productions.
my role: water rendering

The new MLP website which launched in July of 2007 was meant to be very "atmospheric". In addition to creating the background score, I used Adobe After Effects along with the Digital Anarchy Psunami Plugin to create the ocean water. I feel that the complexity of the water complements the simplicity of the site navigation and overall layout. launch the site
The Moonspank Website -
The official website of the band Moonspank.
my role: site creation/site management
site: www.moonspank.com
info: Established in late 2004, Moonspank is an up-and-coming New York based original rock band, well-known for their diverse, yet comprehensive style of music. I am responsible for assisting in desiging the site layout, as well as the HTML production of the site. I have also been the site master for 3 years now and continue to update the site on a daily basis. launch the site
The 2007 NHL Playoff Challenge Website -
An annual competition for all hockey fans.
my role: site creation/site management

site: www.nhlchallenge.com
I created this site in early 2005 after running a successful "bracket style" tournament the year before. I wanted to run an organized version of the tournament where people could track their progress and the progess of others through an actual website. The result was a total success and more players join the NHL Playoff Challenge each year. launch the site

Total Training Online - Total Training's video-based online software training player.
my role: Online Content Management/Quality Assurance Testing
site: www.totaltraining.com
For over 10 years, Total Training has been dedicated to providing their customers with the best training experience imaginable. As they were developing their online video portal (2006-2007), I was responsible for managing the transition of their entire video training library from DVD-ROM format, to online video format. I first worked with Marc Johnson (former Director of Interactive Technologies) in creating online video test pages to test different video formats such as QuickTime, Windows Media Video and Flash Video. I then worked closely with the entire Media Management staff in joining the compressed video content with the final version of the online video player.
launch the site
Tony Pax
- The website dedicated to "me" the musician
my role: site creation/site management

site: www.tonypax.com
info: In addition to anthonypackes.com, I felt that it was neccesary to dedicate an entire website to my work as a musician. Besides being a guitar player, I am also involved in film scoring, audio design, composing, and post-production services. I also teach music as often as my schedule allows for it. Upon its official launch in early December of '07, this site will be created entirely in Adobe Flash, and will be a window into all of the things that I have accomplished as a musician. launch the site
I am constantly working on enhancing my knowledge and
skills regarding web production. Please see my work below.